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  1. After completing Claudej's super heresy mod, Im ready to let their big brothers go. The cabinets aren't original Klipsch, but appear to be a solid build and a similar veneer. No offer will be ignored. I can help transport them anywhere in LA, OC, or Inland Empire. Let me know you found the link on Garage Sale! These corner horns cabinets have either original klipsch components or upgraded components. Type AA crossovers K-77 tweeters K-55 midrange drivers on Altec 511b horn Altec 808-8a midrange drivers available to swap Crites Klipschorn Woofer Electrovoice EV 15 woofer These have been my daily drivers in my garage system for a while. I got another set and think it's time to find these babies a new home. Demo available, delivery available. Feel free to hit me with any questions. -MasonSkee
  2. Thanks, Sancho. I didn't realize I could post them in my comment. Here's a few more. That's what I thought too, but I figured I'd ask someone who knows more than me. Any ideas what they are?
  3. I have a set of (very not stock) K-Horns that I'd like to sell. I have a set of Heresy's that I'm converting to Claude's Super Heresy and think it's time to let their big brothers go to someone who will love them as I have. I'm hoping one of the community members here can help me understand what they are (model type, mod/abomination) and what I can do to make a proper sale. Big thanks to anyone who can help me sort this out. Pictures: Album here The cabinets aren't labelled, no sticker, and don't have binding posts built in. Does this mean they're speakerlab or maybe a custom build or is it possible that they're original k-horns? This is the most important question I have because I don't want to misrepresent something that I'm trying to sell. The crossovers are type AA The tweeters are the k-77, unmounted. The mids: Altec 511b horn, 808-8a driver Woofers: mismatched Electrovoice EV15, I replaced the other with a Crites 1526c The midhorn and drivers were replaced with an Altec Voice of the Theater combo 808-8a driver and 511b horn. Is this common? I have an extra set of k-55 mid drivers that I made some adapters for to fit on the horn. Should I probably sell with those on it instead? The grill cloth is worn out. Should I redo it before selling? Am I overthinking this? Last question: if I want them to sell in the next few months, how much should I try to get for them? I'm willing to deliver if that makes a difference.
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