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  1. I spoke to Craig and he would be able to take a look at it but not until the end of the year as he is quite busy. I was hoping there would be a preamp that could sound "live" like the JM but also be a bit quieter. The Peach even when it was working had some noise. But I did love the way it reproduced music. Very pleasing and emotionally involving. I may give the Freya + a try. Am open to any suggestions, tube or solid state.
  2. My Juicy Music Peach preamp is broken and I am looking to replace it, so was hoping to get suggestions from anyone who has heard the Juicy Music and could recommend a preamp that sounds close to it. Or better, in terms of sounding like live music. $4500 is the most I would care to spend. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! My power amp is an MC152 if that matters.
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