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  1. oh its not the cube its the 500t, the cubes are the 400 i think? I did hear that the cubes had a lot of problems though and I avoided them because of that the 500t is exponentially better as far as reliability goes from what ive seen people saying online. im picking up the forte iis tomorrow and i am so excited to see how they match together (if its not obvious im rather new to this i was more of a headphone guy before i decided i wanted to be a bit more free with music and not tied down to a chair haha)
  2. haha its alright the carver actually sounds great honestly part of the reason i got it is for how it looks i do plan on getting a better amp down the line but i figured that this might be a pretty good deal for the fortes now (considering if i wait even longer theyll be worth even more probably). also i got the carver amp fully restored like almost everything inside it is pretty much new so i doubt ill have problems with it for a while
  3. i forgot to mention that i have a carver m500t thats known for having a sort of tubey sound do you think this will pair well? if so ill run out and get these babys right now haha
  4. Hello! I am trying to decide between buying a pair of klipsch forte 2 that the seller says have "recapped crossovers and updated tweeter diaphragms" for $800 or a pair of rogers studio 1s for $700 they both appear to be in fantastic condition littles scrapes but other than that they look great. Has anyone heard both speakers to help me decide?
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