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  1. It was fried IC5 (431 zener). Sub is up and running again. I've contacted Klipsch support about the power supply board. Let's see what will be their answer.
  2. I'm not under a warranty, unfortunately.
  3. Based on voltage divider values the output should be 32 volts. The problem is there isn't much readily available 32 volts and 2.5 amps switching PCBs on eBay or AE. It looks like the only option is to replace everything concerning on the board.
  4. Has anyone had an experience fixing a power supply from the BAR 48 subwoofer? It clicks every 5 sec, output is jumping simultaneously from around 0 to around 3v. VDD is also jumping up to 14v and dropping back down. It looks like it tries to start but something is triggering protection on OB5269. I've changed OB5269 - no effect. Diodes look good, pulled out FET and checked - looks good as well. Capacitors look good. Nothing is visibly burned. I couldn't find any info on that power supply, even the output voltage.
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