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  1. Hello everyone, I would like to thank everyone for help both here and via IM. Would like to inform this group that I purchased a pre today. thanks again.
  2. So far I have considered Conrad johnson, bottlehead, Arc, Nelson pass’s early designs, Dynaco , Denafrips and McIntosh. Yes.. All over the place.
  3. Hello All, I recently purchased a used pair of Bob Latino M-125s; also placed an order for a pair of Cornwall IVs, which are currently traveling to my place. Now, I am looking for a tube preamp that matches well with them. I am also considering earlier Mcintosh Pres. If you have one that is currently not seeing active use, I would be interested in talking. Can either pay Paypal (Not F&F) , Cash(if Pickup). Prefer staying around the 1000$ mark. Thanks,
  4. Looking to buy a pair of Cornwall IIIs or Chorus IIs in excellent condition, preferably with upgrades. I am located in Charlotte NC, but can drive a few hours/use Uship. Let me know what you got!!
  5. Checking if there is anyone who would be travelling from Illinois(Effingham, Illinois 62401) and passing through the Carolinas(Charlotte).
  6. Thank you all for your help and inputs. Happy to report that I purchased a pair of Forte I locally. Walnut finish and very good cosmetic condition. I especially thank @Woofers and Tweeters and @Mr. Bissness for their help and inputs!
  7. All, I was able to find a seller here locally, willing to sell a pair of Forte I, for 550. The speakers look like they need a good cleaning up, dirty grills etc. Also, the Klipsch badge on the grille cloth has fallen off, and he doesnt have the label at the back, which lists the serial# etc. Given these, is it a fair buy at 550? I would be getting the Crites upgrade/Tweeter upgrade etc on this one, so I guess its another 250-300
  8. Reached out to the seller on this. He is willing to meet mid way, but that would increase his asking price. Thanks for the link
  9. Thank you for responding. So far I have tried them(Scott 222C) with a pair of monitor audio Silvers, Canton floorstanders, and I know this sounds wierd - HPM 100. Those are all I have at the moment. My listening space is 12 * 14 with 10 ft ceiling Thanks
  10. Hey All, This is my first post here; but have been lurking around for the past couple of weeks. So, I have entered the tube arena, and turns out that the speakers dont work all that well with the tube magic. Looking to buy a nice pair of Forte I or Chorus speakers, fairly priced and with the Crites upgrades/updates etc...Please send me a message if you have one that you are willing to sell. I am @ NC, but can drive a few hours for the right piece. Or can try the pony route. Thanks in advance.
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