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  1. .... What? lol- Nevermind, I understand! lmao
  2. for sum reason the pics aren't posting on my end. . Can u see them? --- Fixed it
  3. After many hours, they are complete Thanks for all the tips guys, i'm very happy with how they turned out.
  4. I see. I just wanted to make sure i didn't need non-polarized or something. Thanks again for the help.
  5. I was more asking about which kind... as in polarized, non-polarized, film and foil, metalized Teflon, metalized polypropylen... etc. Will they all work? Just depends on what kind I think will work best?
  6. Thanks guys. After quickly looking at caps on Solen.ca I see their are MANY different types... now i could Google them all, or just ask you guys, Since you seem to all know what you're talking about. What would be my best option for price/performace? Looking to keep it under 5$ a cap but will spend more if its worth it. Also, what specs am I looking for? I'd assume "400v" but what "ohm" or whatever you wanna call it am i looking for? I see "2.0" thrown around here alot, is that the same as 0.0002ohms? And what the heck is Mfd LOL.
  7. Very true guys. If only I was in the US I would've already ordered and got it over with. Now unless I can find an autotransformer in Canada that matches (which I doubt), i will go ahead and order the autotransformer from Bob. Now for the caps, bobs "repair kit" costs 48$... and all you get is the caps, "mounting clips" and zip ties. Am I wrong in thinking I could simply order the same 4 caps alone from somewhere for less than half the price? And make my own mounts? Also, thanks for the riser plans. Built them today, although not exactly to the dimensions listed, they work perfect going to put the walnut veneer on them as practice before i do the cabinets.
  8. Haha, I've been thinking about it. The ONLY reason I'm debating going with crites is, I've heard from some people who actually work at klipsch, that his stuff isn't exactly to klipsch specs. Although it may improve the sound, I like to keep them as close to "original" as possible.
  9. Thank you very much. You have been very helpful. I recently made another post about how I need new autotransformers for one of my crossovers. (Tweeter and midrange dont work, but read just fine with a multimeter) Jim from JEMPerformanceAudio walked me through the steps to figure out what was was broken in the first place, as I thought it was just the caps I needed. Anyways I found the 3636 and 3654 on Bob Crites website, are these to klipsch spec? As in will I be able to replace just the one thats broken and not have my speakers sound different ? Or will I need to replace both?
  10. Hey all, second post here. Assuming this is the right place for it. Grabbed some heresy 1's recently that I'm refinishing and on one of them the tweeter and squawker don't work. Both read on my multimeter and I've tested them on the working crossover and they are just fine. Okay, so I figured I just needed new caps.... nope. Swapped the components from the working crossover (caps and coil) to the "broken" crossover, and it still doesn't work... which leads me to believe its the autoformer, the one product klipsch no longer makes. Anyone know where I can get a autoformer ? One thats to the same specs? I would order a new crossover on ebay, but unfortunately I'm in canada and with shipping id be paying over 150$... Any help appreciated. TIA
  11. Thanks for the input guys. I decided a few days ago im going to re do them in a walnut veneer. The pics that HPower posted make me want to do walnut even more. One other thing I wanted to do was make the front edges of the cabinet flush with the rest of the front, as I've seen many people do. Any idea on how I would do this effectively ? TIA Also, does anyone have plans/dimensions for the orginal Heresy stands? I would like to build some.
  12. Hey all, first time posting here. Hopefully this is the right area for this post, let me know if not. Recently picked up this pair of heresy HBR 1's in rough shape. They were painted terribly with some type of black paint. So far I've managed to sand down the top and one side, took me a very long time, lol. So here's my question, as you can see there's quite a few chips in the wood, I would like to keep them in the raw birch, but obviously after I fill in the chips with wood filler, it will no longer match what so ever Do you think it would be acceptable to paint the sides with the chips in a flat black paint (to cover the wood filler) and keep the tops of each in the raw birch? Any tips or recommendations welcome. I've seen quite a few good ideas throughout these forums before.
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