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  1. More good advice. Thanks. This forum reminds me of my work environment where more experienced people (me being one) pass on our safety and work knowledge to the new hires.
  2. That is a good idea. I have used PVC for birdhouses knowing they will outlast pine by decades.
  3. My 92 year old father passed away recently and left behind his stereo system consisting of Chorus II speakers he bought new in 1996. They look new and he never abused them. He was a classical guy. They are paired with a Yamaha RX-550 receiver, Yamaha disc player CDC-625, and a Yamaha KX-W332 double cassette deck. My intention is to keep the disc player if possible and replace the receiver for something that will let me stream music. I know nothing about amplifiers/receivers and need some suggestions. I am not an audiophile but still want pretty good sound. Thanks for any help. I was also wondering if anyone has ever elevated these speakers off the floor using 1/2" anti-vibration pads. My concern is moisture permeating through a concrete floor even though sealed or a small water problem. Thinking of Florida where all homes are slabs. Thanks again.
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