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  1. Hi! I'm a happy new owner of a pair of Sixes. Love the sound and the style but I'm a bit disappointed by a constant noise remaining, no matter the source is used. This white noise is easy to ear with no music playing or with music played at low volume (I use speaker on my working desk, so I'm around 1m far from speakers) Of course, it's covered by music when played at mid/high volume. Here are the symptoms : White noise constantly present no matter the source (BT, Aux, USB, Phono, Digital) no matter if something is connected to the source or not Same noise volume, no matter the setting of the volume button. --> This make me say that speaker creates the noise by themselves, not by the source. What I tried : Remove all other devices plugged on electric outlet (from all electric outlet of the same circuit breaker) Try to plug speakers on an other eletric outlet network Use a power supply cord with and without ground Do you think this is normal or it might be a defect? My local reseller say it's normal for active speakers to have this kind of noise but my 20 years old entry range student stereo player do not have any noise... (But it's not active speaker tho...) I'm really happy with those sixes when I ear them loud, but disappointed when I ear them slow while I'm working... Additional question to Sixes owners : When you turn source button in clockwise direction, how is the led moving? Mine is going top to down which I don't find logical. Clockwise : Digital --> Phono --> USB --> Aux --> BT --> block on BT Counterclockwise : BT --> Aux --> USB --> Phono --> Digital --> block on digital. Perhaps I have a bad wiring of my speakers which could cause this noise? Thanks in advance for your help! Sylvain edit: seems I didn't post in the correct section sorry about that!
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