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  1. Hi all, New here on the Klipsch Audio Community. I'm an older guy and an out of work bartender down here in Tampa. I work the big venues....like the Straz, Raymond James Stadium, The Tropicana and such. My job at the Straz probably won't start back up until 2021, so spending some time on my audio hobby. I have a bad habit of buying single speakers. Thought I'd post a wanted ad for a 1953 Klipschorn, in mahogany, if anyone knows of one. Haven't opened mine up...so don't know if it has a Stephens TruSonic or and EV inside. I'm also looking for several other singles....all from the 1950s. RCA MI-12463-B in Birch Altec Verde in Teak Altec 606 in mahogany ( by Home Craft ) Thanks so much. Lee
  2. Hi Dave. Thanks for the welcome. Oh....I get it. Yes, that looks like a good resource. Thanks Lee
  3. I'll look around and post in the Wanted section. Thanks
  4. @wvu80 Hello, looking around the web and saw your post above. I am looking for a single 1953 Klipschorn in mahogany. Would you be interested in selling the single you have? I have not joined this Community yet....will have to do so. Please if you see this post....reply here. Probably breaking all kinds of etiquette rules..... July 24 1953 Serial# 426 Type K357-7 Style 7 Finish M-7 Thanks so much
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