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  1. What''s the ohms impedance on these speakers any one knows ?
  2. I'll post a few pics later , do you think the ST-70 is a nice match for the Cornwalls ?
  3. The closest thing I found to the originals . found it on Ebay , Duracrest " Cane" fabric , they sell a roll of 36" wide x 72" , good enough for both speaker grills and still have some left over I'll save just in case for future repairs or patches They are selling it for $ 76 the roll
  4. Thank you for your input and your vote 😀 !!!
  5. Hi Im new here and pretty new to vintage audio equipment in general. Have a pair of 1981 Klipsch Cornwall 3 ( that's what the tag says ) CBR , I restored the cabinets and grills, sent the speakers to a local audio technician to go over them. They sound beautiful , my question is , I have a few pieces that I came along over the years , some need to be sent to check and probably repair . Right now I have a Dinakit S-70 and a Marantz 2270 receiver both in good working condition . Is this trio a good set up ?? I only tried the speakers with the Marantz and they sound great , Im hoping to add a good turntable to the set up.. Do I need the S-70 and if so why ?? I also have other pieces , if the audiophile espert here had to choose a set up to use with these speakers what would be the ideal combination , given the piece I have ?? Don't want to waist time /money repairing what I don't have too . Here's what I have Cornwall speakers ( working ) Marantz 2270 (working ) Dinakit S-70 amp ( working ) Dynaco Stero 120 amp ( to test ) McIntosh Mac 1700 receiver ( to test ) McIntosh 2100 amp ( to test ) Thanks for the help !!! And sorry for my ignorance but we all need to start somewhere . Attached are pics of the Cornwall and my restoration of the speaker boxes ( I added steel borders to the bottom base ) also did the grills
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