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  1. Hello, I just bought a pair of new Klipsch RP6000f online. It is the first pair of passive speakers I have ever owned, so I also bought a new amplifier by Crown. It Is attached to my turntable which has a phone preamp. One of the speakers wasn’t treated well by UPS, the box had a huge gash in it, the styrofoam inside was all destroyed and there is a gash in the wood on the back of the speaker that lined up with the gash in the box itself. Although annoying it is in the back and will not be in view if the damage is cosmetic only. My question is that the amplifier has separate volume knobs for each channel. I noticed that the volume of the two speakers is different when placed on the same clicks with each knob of the amplifier. The speaker with the cosmetic damage is quieter than the undamaged one. I checked the speaker wire and everything seems to be tight in both ends there. I wanted to get a gauge on if the damage could have possibly been more than cosmetic and is causing the speaker to be quieter, or if it’s more likely I may have gotten a faulty amplifier. I did lean in to check and both woofers on the damaged case have sound coming out of them. I would have guessed that it either would have been broken or that it works fine, I wouldn’t think that shipping damage could make one quieter but I’m totally new at this so I wanted to get some opinions from people that know much more about this hobby than I do, thank you!
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