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  1. Well unless someone has both and wants to invite me over for dinner I am stuck asking.
  2. Hey Everyone! I am finally on my quest for my dream speakers. I have auditioned a ton of brands and fell for the sound of the Heresy IV (the only Klipsch heritage or RF I can audition nearby in CO). I produce electronic music, so lots of sub bass, high end, crisp elements etc, but did love the live sound of the Heresey. After reading reviews I think it is worth it for me to save up for the Cornwall IV as I don't want to buy another set of speakers anytime soon. However, I was reading some reviews on the RF-7 III and it has me having doubts. Apparently they have a much more 'in your face' punch, which of course much electronic music is known for. They are also a decent amount cheaper. I mix on JBL 305 monitors and so that is 90% of my listening. I am used to and really like how they sound. The other 10% would be on massive club sound systems and walls of Funktion Ones. So what say you? Cornwall IV or RF7 III for the most in your face listening experience? I will be doing dual subs with EITHER set, 100%.
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