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  1. Jeff. This is VERY HELPFUL! I too thought this was a good deal at $500, so that is why I inquired. I asked him for dimensions and weight and he has gone silent, so I'm thinking it won't work out. If you pay FedEX to pack it, and insure it for the full value, they have done a great job for me, because it seems like they are ramping up efforts to cut down on claims. Thanks again for your help! And I would certainly be open to chatting about Monoblocks if you want. We can message back and forth about them. My plan was to budget to buy something in about a year, and then this came up, which looked like a sweet deal!
  2. Thanks! He is asking $500 for them and then whatever the cost of shipping would be.
  3. He is hesitant to ship them due to size and weight, but im going to see what it costs and see if I can just have him bring them to FedEx for them to pack and ship them. Just so I dont go crazy in the red on these. What does everybody think an approximate value is on theses?
  4. I'm going to talk with him tomorrow, but it sounds like he doesnt want to ship it. 😔 So, unless I can find someone in the Raleigh/Durham area to pick it up for me and ship it, I might be out the game......😬
  5. Cool. I'm just hoping they are open to shipping......
  6. Ymtc? I don't know a ton about these things being new to tubes, but since reading through this I just sent the seller a message saying I'd like to buy them.
  7. Very cool. It sounds like the owner of this built it themselves from Kevis 32b monoblock spec. Yeah, I'm not going to try and make more power, givin the sensitivity of the speakers. 32B_monoblock_PP_amplifier.pdf
  8. Hi! I came across a set of monoblocks from K&K Audio. Here is some info: Two Monoblock vacuum tube amplifiers. Push pull design using transformer coupling between all stages (input, inter-stage, output). Estimated 7 watts per amplifier. Can be modified for more power. Lundahl interstage transformers RCA and XLR input connectors. Output transformer is a custom design rated at 90 watts. Power Supply transformer also a custom design of excellent quality. Tube complement (Russian NOS): Output: GU50 Driver: 6Pi3C/6N3C (very similar to the 6L6GC) input: 6N6p / 6H6pi Driver stage operating point is set with current sources. Output stage operating point is set with current sinks. (Stable, reliable, easy to set.) Has a custom designed soft start circuit. Extra OP tube sockets and extra tubes. I'm wanting a set of monoblocks and this fits the budget, but I dont know a ton about what they are selling, so I wanted to gather some thoughts here. I would run these with my La Scalas and a Erhard Audio Pre and Phono. Thanks for any knowledge you can drop on me here!
  9. Yeah, its pretty cool. I'm not allowed to buy any more speakers for at least a year. 🤣 But maybe I could setup my la scalas as corners and use one of my cornwalls as a center. Self imposed sanction.
  10. https://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/ele/d/forest-grove-klipsch-channel/7232659986.html
  11. On the resonating you mention. Is that a concern when listening to the La Scalas at low to medium sound levels? I've seen there are a couple places that sell braces to help stop the resonate, but wasn't sure if it really was an issue when not cranking them.
  12. Are there differences between these La Scalas and a normal La Scala that commands a higher price?
  13. Big old price drop! https://portland.craigslist.org/clk/ele/d/vancouver-vintage-1980s-klipsch-lascala/7225193291.html Still too expensive I think.
  14. Just talked to this guys and he is super nice. He really wants to sell these locally and I think he would work someone a better than $2k deal if sold locally. His dad was a music teach and had all kinds of nice audio gear. We wants to sell all 3 Chorus ii speakers together. https://denver.craigslist.org/ele/d/westminster-klipsch-chorus-ii-speakers/7226221422.html Not affiliated, just trying to make sure these go to someone who will appreciate them!
  15. I can second that. I have one of the Will Vincet ST-70 and its fantastic. He has one upbon Audiogon right now for sale.
  16. Yeah, that's a cray asking price. Is there any difference in build or components?
  17. Quite the price! https://portland.craigslist.org/clk/ele/d/vancouver-vintage-1980s-klipsch-lascala/7225193291.html
  18. Wooow, that's an awesome deal! GLWS!
  19. Yeah, the Schiit gear was just a placeholder while I made a decision on the Tube Phono and Pre, so Im excited to hear all the tubes in line in comparison. Erhard should have me that by laf November. Even when comparing the ST-70 with the Schiit pre and Phono to the the Marantz PM-8 SS, I def lose definition, so I can't wait to to have a tube setup all the way through.
  20. Thats great to hear! I'm excited to listen to the Tube pre. Right now I'm just running a Schiit Sys with the Dac or with the Schiit Phono through the St-70 and it doesn't sound too bad TBH.
  21. https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/ele/d/salem-speakerlab-ev-cornerhorns/7222135956.html
  22. He sold the second pair to another person in Tacoma.
  23. Attached is a crude drawing of the basement.
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