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  1. Okay, so the dac is a 2 prong only plug. So you want me to plug that into the extension cord then do dac to preamp via rca and then preamp to power amp via RCA. Then see what that sounds like and compare it to amp only via extension cord?
  2. Totally appreciate your help! I just don't know ow what you mean by shorting the inputs. Would that mean, I connect either amp to the speakers with and RCA running out of said amp and then use a screw driver to connect the male end to the shield of the the White RCA plug?
  3. I used an extension cord and an outlet across the room. No change in noise. I put my multimeter on the ACV 200 setting and the put the red on red and black on black terminals on the speaker and it just read 00.0
  4. Yes, just a power amp. It has one set of RCA inputs and 5 ways for the speaker connection. When I did both tests, it was merely amp to speakers connected and amp plugged in. Nothing plugged into the rca inputs of the amp. I do have another SS amp I could plug I to the speakers and outlet. Tube wise, I only have another Pre and Phono.
  5. Yes, both speakers even when its just the power amp hooked to the speakers. Nothing running into it.
  6. I can certainly hear that same sound that I posted sitting across the room where my chairs are at about 8ft away.
  7. Okay, I did the amp, direct to the wall outlet, hooked to the speakers, with nothing running into the amp. I used both the 3 prong and the 2 prong. The sound got louder with the 2 prong. Video attached. 20201202_222311_2_1.mp4
  8. Very good. I will do that right now.
  9. DAC is 2 prong cord. Unbalanced connection? I don't understand your last few questions.
  10. Okay, so I will unplug EVERYTHING from the power strip and then plug JUST the power amp into the power strip with the normal 3 prong plug and see what that does. THEN I will try in the power strip with the 2 prong end to see if anything changes. Is that what you would like me to do?
  11. I double checked and re seated the speaker wires before turning everything on again. After re wiring connecting the wall outlet problem. 😁
  12. Yes, the tester said hot/neu reverse. The Ground light was not on on the power strip before. It now is.
  13. I did and still got the latest noise that I posted just a bit ago.
  14. Another pic of the power strip, nothing special.
  15. You guys are rad by the way! I really appreciate your help!!!!!
  16. You didn't miss it. Here is a pic of the power strip.
  17. The sound I took is through the speaker. The Horn section.
  18. What do you mean by this? 🙂
  19. Okay, so I got an outlet tester and it appears the the outlet was wired wrong, so the polarity was switched. I fixed that and it tests correct now. Then I plugged it in like normal into the power strip, still a noise, but different, then I plugged into both the wall and the power strip with the outlet adapter and still a noise, but different. Attached is a video of the new noise in the speakers. 20201202_162146_1_1_1_1_1.mp4
  20. I haven't. What is the best way to do that?
  21. It is in both channels. There are 4 power tubes, and 2 driver tubes that all have mates. I can send you a photo of the amp if you want? I have also reached out to the builder to see what they say too.
  22. Yes, I have one of these. So, put this on the end of the amp plug and plug directly into the wall outlet or the power strip? Right now everything is plugged into the power strip. Thanks!
  23. All cords and outlets are 3 prong. Yes, all plugged into the same outlet.
  24. So I did ground the RCA to itself and hum in both speakers. I also took the RCAs off altogether, just speaker wire to amp and there is still a hum.
  25. Yes, tubes are exactly as seller suggested.
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