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  1. Hi, it is the first version! I will check the 390 out! I wonder if there is a mode so I can use the power from both 3020s that I have...?
  2. Thanks Bill, I will listen to Cambridge!!!
  3. Thanks for the reply Bill, I think used as it's cheaper and as you can tell I don't put much money in it so far. I guess about 300 $ or 500 $ if that would be a game changer! I changed the volume on the 2100 from full to about 9.00 and more volume on the 3020 and I think it sounded much better. I live close to Stockholm in Sweden. /Pierre
  4. Hi, I recently purchased a pair of Heresy IIIs and I need some advice on amp/pre or integrated selection. At first paired with Nad 3020. Great sound!! But at high volume the amp was not doing the job. Tried HK 3490 as a preamp with the 3020, didnt help. Now Nad 3020 with Nad 2100 poweramp, and it sounds really bad. Any advice or other equipment suggestions is appreciated! I have two NAD 3020 and a NAD 2100 poweramp at home. Cheers!
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