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  1. Sorry I did not reply to this one Stoka. This may sound strange because Klipsch has a rep for being such a bright speaker, but to me the Parasound's sound signature was too warm and bassey; as in not enough bright enough for my taste. What I did was buy a used refurbished Rotel preamp; and that really brightened things up. It now sounds way better compared to the Carver preamp. I probably should have spent more money on my power amps and went with the Parasound Halo series. The Parasound 2125 reviews with criticism say they are "not musical" and a better fit for home theatre.
  2. I actually bought a pair of Mistral Integrated amps. They are rated at 35 WPC running EL-34's in ultra-linier. I bi-amped both amps and used an active crossover from a company named Rolls ($99 on Amazon). The amps were underwarranty and one day while I was listening I saw sparks, I emailed the seller, the seller told me to buy a soldier gun and fix Yeah the preamp never crossed my mind. IDK I just don't think the Parasound's are a good fit. I bought them because they were on sale (same with the Heresey's). After reading some reviews; a lot of people have said that the Parasound's do well with Definitive Technology and B&W. Back in the day (1997ish) I had a pair of Klipsch KLF-10's with a Kenwood integrated amp that I inherieted from my parents after they decided to get a smaller system. It sounded really good, but the Kenwood did not go below 40 Hz. My buddy had a Pioneer receiver and we hooked them to my old Klipsch's and the Pioneer did sound noticeably better going down lower than 40 Hz. Also, I had a buddy that had a Sony Receiver and this Sony sounded AMAZING!! LOL I was living at my parents place when we were messing around with the Sony so I only cranked it for a minute. We played the Pioneer/Klipsch at a wedding reception so we cranked it. I had many people say "those are killer speakers" referring to the KLF 10's I think the moral of my story is not to just but equipment because it's on sale. But I say I am older and have a little more money to put towards this hobby; so its all good!!
  3. Hello. I bought a pair of Hersey 3's a while back and I am trying to find a good sounding power-amp to drive them. I have an old school Carver C-1 pre-amp I picked up on ebay . I have a pair of Parasound 2125 V2 amps that I use to drive a pair of old Infinitys; but I don't like the way the Parasounds sound on my Hersey's. I hear NAD's sound good with Klipsch. Any advice? I would definatly consider an older amp that can be picked up on Ebay used.
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