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  1. Hi, I recently purchased a RP-440c to replace my previous Polk 15C center speaker (dual 5.25 woofers). I plugged in the new 440c and ran Onkyo's room correction wizard. To my surprise, it calculated the crossover to 200hz. My previous polk was calculated to around 70hz. Now I know these room correction tools are sometimes way off, but when the test tones are played from each speaker, the 440c just seems like it does not produce much low end. I have RP-150 for my fronts and surrounds and those are calculated to 50hz. I checked all the wiring and it seems fine. The placement of my speaker is also the same as my previous Polk 15c. I was expecting the RP-150 to go lower than the 440c, but not by this much. Is this normal? Is there any other tests I can do to figure out what is going on?
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