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  1. I lost $2000 USD. He initially wanted a money transfer via Bitcoin. I refused and should have bolted at that moment. He sounded genuine and gave a lot of details about the speakers. He said it was a lot of trouble to ship them, but had the original shipping boxes. He then proposed a traceable bank transfer to his sister in Victoria, B.C. Her name is Melody McCrae and she has a genuine Royal Bank account. I have submitted a fraud report to the local police authorities as her bank account is completely traceable. She will eventually get a police visit at her home.
  2. A fraud report has been filed. Would you believe this guy is still answering his e-mails and is gloating over what he did. If anyone is interested his e-mail is: josemellosscake@gmail.com
  3. I will be filing a fraud report with the local authorities in California. I have a good paper trail with this jerk. Should anyone come across a "jose mello", please let me know.
  4. Not that country, Gilbert. But well documented by the Canadian media.
  5. Not that country, Gilbert. But well documented by the Canadian media.
  6. Thank you for your sage advice, billybob!
  7. Yep. I guess I have to take some criticism for being scammed. You'll notice with my attachment that this scammer seem to have a lot of detail about the Khorns. Someone with knowledge about these speakers, perhaps a member of this site? Who is the mysterious Shankder? Are you the ******* enjoying my money? Today, I sold my Belles so I'm moving on. It's a new day!
  8. I did not want to get side tracked on this topic. However, the Canadian media has identified a source country as responsible for the Canada Revenue (CRA) scam. It is targeted at seniors who are threatened with arrest for tax arrears. I brought it up because I'm a victim of a scam. I am thinking this site should not allow anyone in until they are screened by whatever means possible. I know a lot of members would say you snooze, you lose. But I think more can be done to protect members such as verified e-mail and phone numbers held by the administrator.
  9. Yeah, I know. But in the end, if your the real deal you will get what you came for.
  10. I recently put my Klipsch Belles up for sale. The bullshit enquiries are amazing. Plenty of offers, but not one person is willing to e-transfer a small deposit to secure the deal. (Local pick up only). I refuse to give my address to anyone. I want an alternative meeting place to assess the buyer. If I'm satisfied, then I will bring the speakers to the location. It's unfortunate things have to done this way, but it is what it is.
  11. Very funny. I don't want to get off topic. However, scammers have taken millions from Canadian seniors with the Canada Revenue scam. Seniors scare easily and they know it.
  12. We have serious issues in Canada regarding scams from Asia. They have been at it for a long time.
  13. I wish I would had someone to warn me as well. Scammers are the rotten underbelly of society. They are everywhere, in all countries, especially in Asia. Just once I would like to meet the one who scammed me so I could beat him half to death. Maybe not the right thing to do, but it would feel good...
  14. Yep. I'm ashamed to say I did lose some money on this deal. Not a fortune for sure. I guess when you want something badly, you let your natural defences go and believe in something that is not there. Of course, I never received the speakers and the seller dropped out of sight. I'm including his original e-mail in a file as a public service so that it does not happen to someone else. I'm sure most members on this forum are good, honest people. After all, aren't we all Klipsch fans! Original Messag.doc
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