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  1. This is what I fear and yet it seems so illogical. I mean, the optical output is just a light signal, and the 10 receives it. Nothing should be out of date or complex about that. My tuner is older than the 10, and it works fine with the LG. Light signal should be light signal, right? Light signal in, and audio should play! But I think I'll have to give this back to my friend and call it quits. First Klipsch, last Klipsch, I guess.
  2. I really appreciate the ideas and if I were you, I would suggest the same things. Unfortunately, I've tried and eliminated all these things. The bar has a remote, and input settings, which seem to do nothing. I've tried toggling them and nothing happens, many times. And I know it is not the TV, because I was already using an optical cable into a tuner that ran my other speakers and it worked fine. The TV has good settings for optical output only or both optical output and TV speakers. I've also tried RCA cables, which is a setting option on the TV. I've toggled the mute button countless times, fearing the same thing. The lights all work. If it is plugged into Optical the soundbar light is solid green. The SW has a blue light. If I toggle the input switch the green light goes blue, for bluetooth, but bluetooth doesn't work either. It's all why I am left scratching my head.
  3. Anyone know how to get help from Klipsch directly? I'm seeing no path forward. My LG TV is new and awesome, and I've tried literally everything, including a purely bluetooth connection, and not a peep from the speakers. The optical cable is fine, the soundbar has a solid green light, I know for certain the TV is not the problem, and yes I've got the TV on optical out. I have to think the speakers are just dead, but hate to admit that. Hoping someone from Klipsch can help me.
  4. Hello @Ceptorman and thanks for your thoughts. Yes, the optical cable is the only one out of TV and into Soundbar. In the LG TV menu, you can choose sound output to optical only, and I did that, and nothing happened. I keep it at optical plus TV speakers as that is how I had it when I was running my Tuner and other speakers. There are RCA jacks on the back of the soundbar, and TV, and I tried those as well, and nothing happened. My friend had his connected with just the optical cable. I've really been trying everything, and am just befuddled.
  5. I'm the new owner of a used R10B system that I know worked well when I left my friends house. I'm trying to get it to play with my new LG TV, and have tried everything, and not a peep. I've tried factory reset. The light is green. My TV speaker output is already set to optical output. But not a peep from the soundbar? I've tried pressing the input button, even though the manual never says how that works, and nothing happens. The volume controls do nothing. Any advice at all would be appreciated! I've connected my phone to the system using the Bluetooth, which works fine, but still nothing plays from the speaker. The Sub has a blue light too. I'm at a loss!
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