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  1. I'm in Vancouver. Only used klipsch around right now are these rf3, it's actually a set of 5 speakers if I want. Rf3 iis, rc3 ii center and rs3 surrounds. Asking 550 for the 5 or 350 just for the towers. Or 425 including center. Or I buy the set and sell the surrounds. The plus with these is I can go listen to them.
  2. @willland I've been keeping my eye on used market. A pair of rf3 ii towers for $350 came up. Do you think those sound better or are equal two the R820F? New R820F is $800.
  3. Hello I am looking for Budget Klipsch towers in a 3.0 system. All I have room for and wife approved so far. That being said I am looking at towers with more bass so have been looking at the towers with 8" drivers. What is the difference between the Synergy Black Label F300 and the R820F? Is their any or will they sound the same. I am from Canada I can get them both for $800 for a pair. Thanks
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