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  1. I have another room that needs a sub though. So if I upgrade would I be better to go with a 12 for the 6" bookshelf speakers over a new 10?
  2. I don't have room for a 2nd sub in the room. Would the 12" SPL be a logical upgrade if I could only have one?
  3. I'm leaning towards the RP series center. Would it make sense to go with the 600 size? Can a centre driver be too big? As for 12" subs....are the reference series sufficient or is it worth splurging on the SPL series?
  4. Thanks I'll check out the 600c. My sub is an sw-110 is it any good? If I replace it would another 10 make sense with the 6" speakers or should I go with a 12?
  5. Good afternoon all. I'm setting up my tv room with a pair of rp-600m bookshelf speakers and was wondering what size of centre to go with? My space is a about 12x12ft so not a large room but I want good sound for watching tv and the odd movie. I was thinking of the rp-500c but should I go bigger or wider? Or would that be sufficient in that space? As for sub I currently have an older 10" klipsch sub that I'm thinking of moving to another area. Would I benefit from a 12" or does the 10 compliment the 600m's better? I have a denon x3600h receiver powering the setup. Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks for the replies. Yes it's the r-52c I ordered. I didn't realize there was earlier models to match my 160m's. They all look to be unavailable now at least in Canada. I'll see how the r-52c sounds but I'm not sure I'll like the esthetics and might have to keep the cover on as it looks way different than the 160m. Might have to go with the RP series.
  7. Good morning, I have a pair of RP-160M bookshelf speakers that I'd like to add a center channer to for my setup using a Denon x3600h received. I ordered the RC52 but I'm now thinking I should've matched to the RP series? with the RP500c? I mostly listen to music and watch Satellite TV so not really doing any DVD/Blue-Ray watching. Would I be missing much if I stick with the RC52 over the RP-500c centre channel based on what content I typically watch? Wondering if it's worth the upgrade to match. Thank you in advance for your input.
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