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  1. Thank you all for your helpful tips and input. I finally isolated the problem after many days of trouble shooting, aka googling and read on some forums that my mini fridge in my mini bar inside my Bat Cave was triggering the popping/crackle in my system. Every time the fridges compressor came on/off it would cause the pop. I was not aware of fridge since I played my movies at loud volumes. Either way hope this helps everyone else who comes across this issue. Now I have to either move my fridge to another room, bummer or unplug/set temp at zero when using AV System...
  2. Thank you for the info but my receiver is only a year old, Sony STR-DN1080 and worked great with my old Quintet IVs
  3. I reached out still waiting for a reply
  4. It happens when listening to movies. no matter the source. I run all connections thru my A/V Receiver. Never had an issue w/my old Quintet set. I actually re-installed them and no issue present. Pop happens roughly every 15-30 minutes while watching movies. Also, receiver put on Mute and Pop still occurs!!! Multiple speakers. thx for your help
  5. Recently purchased Home Theatre Ref Pack 5.1 and getting speaker popping sound from them.. Have confirmed all speaker wire connections are good. I have installed, reset and re-installed all speakers... also re-installed old Klipsch Quintet IV's and no audio pop heard..please help, thx
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