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  1. So I finally got my 2nd subwoofer and when I ran the Audyssey Setup it put the subs at -12db and saying that they are 26 feet away. I ran it again changing the gain from 50% to 45% and got the same results. I do have the crossover set at max. Also I don't see anyway to specify 1 sub or 2 subs in the setup so I'm assuming there isn't any. Any suggestions? I'm running a Klipsch R-120 and R-12 if that matters. Thanks!
  2. So I ran the assisted calibration and it set them anywhere from +.5 for the atmos speakers to -9 for the center speaker. Is it normal to have such a wide range? Also, should I set the crossover at 80 for all or go with the individual. It set them at 40hz for fronts, 180hz for center, 60hz for surrounds, and 150hz for atmos. Is hertz something I should just play around with or is having them all set the same have some great effect? And should I always just leave the LPF for LFE on 120hz, even if I have all the other crossovers set at 80hz? Sorry been trying to do some research but I get some conflicting answers. I'm probably over complicating things, but since I've never done any of this I'm constantly doubting everything lol.
  3. I finally got done hooking everything up and calibrating it. I'm still waiting on my 2nd sub and rear surround speakers(used my old sonys for now) and I also haven't mounted my atmos speakers yet so I have them set on top of the floor speakers. With that being said, I'm still blown away with how much better it sounds than my old 5.1 setup.
  4. Just finished hooking everything up besides the rears obviously. Gonna exchange the rears, order my 2nd sub, and calibrate everything tomorrow hopefully. Still not 100% sure about the sub. Thinking of going with the R-12SWi, just so I have the option to go wireless If I have to.
  5. Seems I'm a bit of an idiot. I did not realize that the R-41PMs were powered speakers. It doesn't look like there is an easy way if at all to run them with a 5.2.2 setup! Looks like I'll be sending these back lol.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I really don't know what to do about the 2nd sub though. Was thinking of going with another 12" reference and then buying https://www.klipsch.com/products/wa2-wireless-subwoofer-kit but it doesn't look like that works with that subwoofer.Hmmm
  7. So I'm not sure what to do for my 2nd sub. I'd love to have it in the back of the room but running the wire is pretty much out of the question. And where my TV is there isn't enough space unless I get a new entertainment stand. Not out of the question but would prefer not to. How are those wireless sub converters? If wireless wasn't gonna lose performance that would be perfect, but I can't find a ton of info on them.
  8. So I just decided to update/upgrade and went with R620F towers, R-34-C center, R-41PM, surrounds and R-41 height speakers. Along with the 12" reference sub with possibly getting a 2nd one. For a receiver I went with the Denon S750H. My question is about the receiver. Is that enough power? Do I need more continuous watts? Other than the research I've done over the last few days I'm pretty clueless about this stuff. Thanks in advance!
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