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  1. Thanks to those who took time to reply. I will check back in later with first reactions for anyone who is interested.
  2. Tomorrow I will be picking up a pair of Cornwall III's, but I have a feeling I may end up putting them right back on the market. Here's why I'm buying them: I have a Fisher 500c, and when I read the rapturous comments about pairing tubes with Klipsch, I realize I am never going to be satisfied until I give it a try. I have a pretty big collection of vinyl, and only listen to CD's when that's the only available option. I listen to a lot of jazz and classical, and it seems like that match should be pretty ideal. I also listen to a lot of rock, but it's on the more acoustic, non-head banging end of the spectrum (CSN, Neil Young, Beatles, Dire Straits, etc.). So I'm hoping the Cornwalls will be good for that, too. Here's why I'm afraid I might be disappointed: To this point, my favorite speakers by far are ADS L810's. I purchased some JBL 4311's a few years ago and immediately resold them... they were MUCH MUCH too bright and harsh for my taste. And many of the sources I read tend to place ADS on the opposite end of the spectrum from the Klipsch sound. I have read so much contradictory stuff as I was deciding whether to pull the trigger on the Cornwalls. Many say that someone with my tastes will find them much too harsh. Others say that the problem is with SS equipment and CD's recorded/mastered in the 80's. LOTS of people say that tubes solve the problem, and they are the ones who pushed me over the edge. In the end, the only real answer is going to come when I hook them up and drop the needle. But I'd also appreciate any advice that will keep me from overreacting, pre-judging, or missing solutions that might be easily solved by placement, etc. I've got two choices for rooms: one is 12x14, and one is 12x25d. Based on what I've read so far, I'll probably go with the big room first. Anyway, I'd love to hear input/predictions from the community about what I can expect.
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