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  1. I’ve owned my Fives for about 6 months. I use them exclusively with a turntable. I’m generally very pleased with them. One thing however has always puzzled me. Their reputation is that they are very bass heavy, too much so for some. I also know there is a dynamic bass EQ function that allows you to add or reduce bass. I do not experience the heavy bass as others report. And when I enable or disable the dynamic bass EQ I hear no difference. (I’m speaking here of the function enabled by the remote and confirmed with two flashes on the LED readout. I have not installed the firmware update that allows you to cut the bass.) I recently tested this again playing the bass heavy “hot mix” of Led Zep II. Again, no difference with function on or off and the bass just seems normal on both settings. While I’m happy with the speakers as they are, I wonder if I have somehow not installed them correctly or they are for some reason not working properly. I did read one review that noted the same thing — no difference between the two settings. Has anyone else has had or heard of this issue? Thanks
  2. Thanks for this. All most helpful. I have to direct my attention to other matters today, but I will definitely be back here. So glad I stumbled upon this forum. ”There’s nothing more dangerous than a budding audiophile with a credit card.” Me. (I’d make this my electronic signature if I only knew how.)
  3. I like those. Is the speaker attached or in any manner secured to the stand? Thanks again.
  4. Hmm. That’s an excellent point. Do these stands otherwise address your concern with vibration?
  5. I was actually thinking the same thing. I can place them on something else just to sound test. If I notice a difference, I can try to figure something out. And if I don’t, I can always put them back as they are. Thanks for the response.
  6. Thanks for the response. The speakers are actually on stands now and in the second video, however not in the ideal manner you suggest. (The first video was made before I had stands.) See photo below. Does this alleviate or reduce any concern? I suppose in their current position the vibration could nevertheless be transferred from the speaker to the stand to the surface to the TT. I know it would be ideal to have them on free-standing, floor stands. But I really don’t have the space. I also have a concern of the speakers being knocked off the stand as I was unable to locate a floor stand made for the 5s or another that would secure the speaker to the stand. FWIW the dealer, after the sale, told me if I didn’t notice the needle skipping or obvious distortion, the current placement was not an issue. But I’m open to other opinions. Thanks again for helping me navigate these waters.
  7. Thanks for the response. I don’t have a CD player, but I occasionally stream music using Spotify and my iPhone. The difference is obvious. Streaming is much clearer, but as you might expect lacks the depth and more complete sound of the vinyl. See comparison video below. Thanks for the other info. Guess I should get a scale. Here are both samples. First is digital steaming; second is vinyl. Hope this helps. Please share your thoughts. Again, many thanks!
  8. Okay. Here it is. The record is a 2005 Classic Records Remaster of Led Zeppelin II, all analog, as I understand it, in NM condition. An aside, I know for some having the speakers on the same surface as the TT is cardinal sin #1. I researched the topic fairly thoroughly and am not concerned that this is a problem. If I’m wrong, please tell me. Also, to reduce the risk of any interference, the speakers rest on very sturdy Kanto stands that may be difficult to see, but they’re there. Finally, please don’t kick me off the forum if after listening you think “WTF is this guy worried about? Sounds good to me!” Again, many, many thanks.
  9. I have to step out for a few. Later today I’ll create a YouTube link, take some photos, and post here. Thanks all. Great Forum!
  10. I do not hear any distortion that sounds out of place. I have a good deal of confidence in the people that sold me the setup.
  11. Thanks all for helping me with this. I’m not sure I would know how to determine whether the cartridge was properly installed and I’m a tad reluctant to tinker with it knowing I don’t know what I’m doing. If someone could tell me how to make a risk-free inspection, I’ll do it. I purchased the TT and 5s from Audio Advice out of NC. They would’ve installed the cartridge. They’ve been super helpful and at least to me seem pretty knowledgeable. In an attempt to rule out anything obvious (like incorrectly installed cartridge?) last night I attempted to post a video/audio snippet of the system actually playing a record. I know, I know. Hardly scientific. But I figured, what could it hurt? But even a 10 second clip was too large to post. So I’m wondering if I could, solely for these purposes, create a temporary YouTube link with a short audio sample, which I could then post here. Would that not help rule out anything obvious like physical damage to some component? Thanks again everyone.
  12. I spent today with the stereo on, sometimes paying close attention. They really do sound pretty good.Just not great. And they and the cartridge are new. Perhaps they’re still in the break in period. That’s a thing, right?
  13. Yes as to both. The cable came with the TT and the TT came with the cartridge installed. The only cable that came with the speakers is the one that connects the two speakers.
  14. I did not. I have to admit, I have no idea what that means. But I’m not averse to learning. Does it matter that the cable I use to connect the TT to the speaker (phono cable?) came with the TT and the cartridge ?
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