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  1. No.It is the A10 SET amp with EL34 Output Tubes
  2. Thanks again henry.Will give your suggestion a try.Really appreciate your advice.
  3. Hi henry.Thanks for the reply, really appreciate it.I find i am running out of steam when using my record deck.Obviously weaker signal than cd player.Do you recommend changing the volume pot or installing a buffer linestage preamp.Is one better than the other. Many thanks. Steve
  4. Hi to everyone.This is my first post on here.Looking for some advice.I recently purchased the Reisong SET amp rated at 6 watts per channel.Was using it with a pair of Snell Acoustics Type K Mk1's rated at 90dB.I found that i had to have the volume really high on the amp especially when using the record deck. I decided to purchase a pair of Klipsch RP 160's as the sensitivity of these is 96dB,but it hasn't made any difference to volume position i'm having to use on the amp.Is there an obvious reason for this.Would really appreciate any advice on this frustrating topic
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