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  1. Yeah, I have them on Craigslist and probably shows up in Ft Myers. I've been viewing this forum for some time now, just recently registered. I had a pair of La Scalas I purchased new in 1978 and sold those about 2 years ago. I'm selling my system as I relocated to a house that doesn't accommodate them and besides I rarely use them. Thank you for the welcome.
  2. Hello, I just responded to you. I'm in SW Florida (Venice) and I have a very nice pair for sale, if that's not too far. They are available for you to see and hear just about anytime you like as I am retired. Thanks
  3. Hello, I have a very nice pair of Belle's. I am in SW Florida if you can drive that far. Let me know If interested and i can send any info and photos you desire. Thanks
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