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  1. I have a pair of "The Three" which have been troublesome since I bought them some years ago. I have opened a ticket with Klipsch several days ago, but been completely ignored! The past few weeks connection has dropped multiple times for no apparent reason. Often resulting in hour long efforts to set it up again (the setup process is bizarrely slow and random). Now, in an attempt to improve matters I invested in a new router (or mesh system rather) top-tested ASUS XT8 https://www.techradar.com/reviews/asus-zenwifi-ax-xt8 Now (after another 2hrs of pulling my hair trying to setup "The Three") I manage to connect to each of the speakers and play songs from Spotify and Internet Radio, but when I pair them (as Stereo Pair or as a group) I get no sound at all, and it seems like the Klipsch app is unable to connect - even if it says it is connected and all LEDs are indicating full connection. This behaviour is the same for 2,4GHz and 5GHz - and I have tried re-doing the setup multiple times. No other device has any issues (including mobiles, tablets and PCs) and the WiFi coverage is stellar (300 Mbps). Anyone have any idea on how I fix this?
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