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  1. Does anyone have any suggestions regarding 502S vs 600M? Considering position of speakers right next to the wall (or at distance of 20 cm [8 in] maximum)?
  2. That was my first option, but the diagonal is 40 cm there, so side is 11,1 inches. SPL-100 has a width of 14”. I'm not even looking at 120 or 150 models And that's not even counting the skirting boards that also take up few cantimeters.
  3. Ok, those are valid points you made there. Regarding Atmos speakers (I suspect you meant 500SA, and not 502SA) - I can think of moving them around the ceiling to find better spot. But I don't have enough data to calculate anything, like what angles do they have looking downwards. Haven't found such info in spec sheet. As for Surround speakers - gotcha. In that case, I could put them at the ear level at the sides of the sofa. RR - stays in the same spot, but moves down to the stand in the corner. RL - moves closer to the sofa at the other side of the table and down to the table level. But still I'm wondering which would work better standing close to the back wall - 502S or 600M. 502S have speakers directed two ways, and I think that it might just bounce from the wall, near which it will stand, while 600M would be directed straight to the listener at ear level.
  4. Thanks for replies. Regarding adding second subwoofer - that would be very tricky, as I don't have much space for it. I would probably consider SPL-150 for now. What about location for 500SA speakers in Atmos mode?
  5. Hello! I'm new to home theaters. Never had one. I have a 65" TV now, and would like to add some good quality speakers to watch movies and listen to music. I've been reading some articles online for quite a long time, but never got the feeling that this or that setup is what I need, however recently came across few more articles and thought of buying following setup: Denon AVC-X3700H Klipsch RP-8000F Klipsch RP-500SA Klipsch SPL-120 Klipsch RP-502S Klipsch RP-504C Previously I didn't look at such setups, cause it was over my budget, but now I think of spending a bit more, but getting top of the notch system. But considering high price of all this, and that I'm really a noob in home theaters, I'd like to get some advices. First of all, I got a question about 500SA. I created a support inquiry, but They haven't replied yet in a week. My question is: I'm considering buying RP-500SA speakers to use them as Atmos units. However, I'm a bit puzzled with description on website. In description of these speakers it is said: "In additional to delivering overhead sound effects as a Dolby Atmos speaker topper, The RP-500SA is designed to be wall-mounted as a front, rear or side elevation speaker". However, in downloadable pdf User Manual there is a page called SPEAKER PLACEMENT IN LISTENING AREA. In Atmos mode they are shown to be used as up-firing speakers only on top of standalone front speakers (afL/afR). And when used as wall mounted, they are shown to be used in Surround mode only. At the same time, on the page of these speakers on the site, in ELEVATE AND SURROUND section, there's a photo, showing them hung on the wall above the TV in front of the couch. This case is not shown in the user manual for these speakers. Which mode should be used in such case? Overall, can these speakers be used as a down-firing Atmos speakers, while mounted on the wall? I'm thinking of using RP-502S as surround speakers, and would like to use 500SA specifically as Atmos, but preferably as wall mounted if this is at all possible. Then, I would like to know if this setup fits my room at all, or I should chose something else. I've attached a floor plan of the room. Blue rectangle - is main position for watching TV. Rear speakers will be probably in top corners of the room. I have wires there. However, I'm not sure if 502S would work good in corners. I even looked at RP-600M instead of these, but am not sure that they will be better, considering that I'd like them to hang under ceiling. On the other hand, I can put them on the table on left side and in the corner on the right (sofa has a gap in the corner, so I can put a stand there for the speaker), but than wiring would be an issue. Central channel would probably go beneath the TV. I don't have much options where to put SW, cause it's rather big. The biggest concern are the Atmos speakers. Will they sound good in the given spot? Or should I consider moving them somewhere else? Maybe use them as up-firing? Overall I'm not sure if I should go for the biggest speakers, or choose smaller, such as RP-4000/6000F + RP-404C + RP-402S + some other SW, considering sizes of my room. I would really appreciate any input and help.
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