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  1. Good morning, Sorry for the slow responses lately. New puppy is like having a new kid. I sold these and they got to their new home on Thursday. Thanks to everyone for their input and interest. Hans
  2. I have these 1963 Klipschorns the guys on the forum helped me identify and some options. I want them to move on to a new home where they'll get returned to their glory and used. I'm willing to entertain most any offer that could include delivery with in the Houston area going as far west as Austin and east as Lake Charles. They need some help and I am glad to test whatever I can in some reasonable manner to prove your getting what you think you're getting. AGAIN, they need some love cosmetically and technically. In a normal market in good shape these could be worth north of $1500 up to $1900. I know they are worth less, just make an offer if you're serious and see what we can work out. And glad to answer any questions I can. That original fully functional McIntosh MC 2002 is negotiable as well, makes a nice pairing. Thanks, Hans.
  3. Thanks so much for everyone's input and yes these would awesome reference speakers!!!
  4. Good morning Gentleman, Thanks for all the input, I guess I was a little vague in my post i that I am new to this forum but a longtime Klipsch fan. My dad and i almost got a family roadtrip detoured to Hope to see the Meccah!! Ive had a set of Heresey's and LaScalla's we actually used for some live gigs. My surrounding growing up was all about high end audio and for me that translated into the studio. So this set of Kornerhorns was part of a Quartet that sound amazing in the giant wood room at my god-fathers ranch, I stuck em in the two good corners in my garage, got the cars out, hooked to my MC2002 and they sound great. My deal is that I have a home and rehearsal studio where I record and rehearse so I have enough gear to manage and sadly just don't see these getting their due. I'm into gear and more into gear getting used proper so sometime that means gear moves on to better suited homes. I started putting some feelers around to some friends who have kept up their love for this gear and will ask ya'll these same. I know these are a specialty item and cosmetically need some love. How do i go about putting a fair number on these if selling them is the route i go? Thanks again for all the input. Hans
  5. Got these out of an old family house that about to be sold on the river inn Bandera, TX. They were moved there in the early 2000s from my Godfathers ranch in LaGrange, TX where he had one on each corner. I don't know if he got them with the house or bought them himself. My guess is the later to be honest. Anyway, I am trying to figure out exactly what i have and look for a new good home for them. My world these days is my home studio for tracking drums and don't have a proper space for something like these. So i am just trying to figure out what i have and what my options are. Here are some pictures which you can tell cosmetically they need some love, functionally they've tested good so far. I appreciate any guidance or education and hope thsi found the right slot in ya'lls forums. Thanks in advance.
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