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  1. It's on a different outlet from my amp but they're on the same line from the electrical box, I currently have the fridge unplugged and that seems to have fixed it, thanks a lot.
  2. I live in a small basement apartment so everything's in this room. I got two computers, two monitors, headphone amp, speaker amp, tube amp, DAC, record player, dehumidifier and a mini fridge. I'm suspecting the mini fridge is the problem but I kinda need my food cold.
  3. What kind of device would cause interference, and should I just unplug everything else from the same outlet?
  4. Seems like both speakers, it happens every 10 minutes or so and at low volumes but haven't tested at high because I wouldn't be able to listen at high volumes. I attached a sound clip of the pop too. Speaker_Pop.wav
  5. In the past year I got a pair of RP600M, when I first got them I had a mica origain which when turned off would make the speakers pop, this happened with my last speakers so I knew it was the amp. Eventually I purchased an emotiva A-100, it no longer popped when turned off but would have very loud worrying pops during playback. I thought it was the amp so I got a replacement but with the replacement the speakers still popped. So I'm wondering if its a problem with the speakers or wires or something else all together, and how can I fix this.
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