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  1. I bought Two SPL-150 Subwoofers based on previous experience with Klipsch quality. Was expecting the same quality of the old days. Klipsch claim of 18Hz on this subwoofer is false advertising these do not even produce sound at 25 Hz! They quit at about 30Hz. Now I have spent $2500 on these and I would like to know what to do with them. I want them out of my house. I will never again buy any Klipsch product!! I have La Scalas and Forte and Forte II from years ago and those perform as should. These new Klipsch products simply do not reproduce sound according to your published specs. A simple sound test proves I am right. I am afraid I will have to lose half my money on these subwoofers as well. Paul W Klipsch personally had a saying.... "Bullshit". That is what these subwoofers are. If Paul were still alive he would be embarrassed that you are making false claims as to the performance of these units! I spent over $2500 on two of these subwoofers and my friend brought over ONE Miller and Kreisel subwoofer that is 25 years old and THAT performs down to 10 Hz. Do your own sound testing on these you will see they quit making sound at 30Hz and do NOT produce "deep bass" as your nomenclature claims. But, Klipsch designers already know this. If I hadn't wasted my money on these Klipsch subs, I could litter with them or give them away.
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