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  1. It didn't come until Sunday about 2 pm. I didn't even know FedEx delivers on Sunday's. It kept getting rescheduled. I took the 16 gauge wire back and got 12 gauge, here is a stock pic of it and you'll see one wire is copper and one is silver atleast in color. Is that what sounds odd for this day and age? Is this good enough? It was the best I could get today (Sunday). I hope it'll work alright because everything is hooked up now 😃 🙏 lol hope you have a great Monday!!
  2. I want to thank everyone who has helped me in this forum, I feel welcome and just appreciate all of your answers. I just wanted yall to know that!
  3. Thanks, I also have banana plugs I'm going to use, this is all going up tomorrow coz my receiver was delayed but will be here tomorrow! I cannot wait!!! 😊😊
  4. I assumed this but assuming gets you into trouble sometimes so I wanted to come ask the professionals 😃😊 thanks for answering!!
  5. Thanks so much. I'll keep the receiver off till I'm finished lol hopefully it won't hurt anything 😅
  6. I bought 100 foot on a spool and it's clear coated and 1 wire is copper and the one beside it is silver in color. I figure I'll hook the copper to the red and silver to the black. I bought 16 gauge wire, is that good enough?
  7. Hey, it is me again, so the speaker wire is copper and silver, which would be positive and negative? @inMotionGraphicssorry to bother you again but I wanna do it right. I'm using banana plugs. Red and black.
  8. Hi, thanks so much for the help @inMotionGraphics . You couldn't have explained it better. I appreciate it.
  9. Hello everyone so I ordered a set of Klipsch speakers in a package and the floor speakers have three terminals each and I do not know what to do with them. I have enclosed pictures of the system I bought and the receiver and the back of the floor standing speakers. If someone would be so kind to help tell me how to hook those speakers to the front when my receiver only has one front channel. I'm lost. Thanks so much and have a great day! P.S. The receiver picture isn't showing up but it's the Denon AVR-X2700H AVR-X2700H-1b_19102020.jpg.webp
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