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  1. Hi there! I'm helping a friend of mine, he has a very nice pair of vintage klipschorns (I'm pretty sure they're late 1970s - early 1980s) he's thinking of replacing capacitor on his ak2 crossovers just for mids and highs. Everything still original on his speaker, capacitors, wiring, tweeters, mids, etc. I'm well aware of the fame ak2 crossover has, at this moment he doesn't have the money to buy new crossovers. My question is, is it worth it replace caps? Am I going to hear a noticeable improvement? I told him he could replace the wiring and tweeters diaphragms ( it helped me on my khorns) I want to hear you guys thoughts and make the right decision. Thank you in advance Edwin
  2. My klipschorns started looking good! I have been doing some research on how to polish, repair light scratches and make them looks nice! Unfortunately didn't have success since they're painted. Any suggestions on what I could use to blend light scratches and keep them nice and shiny? I used bees wax but it doesn't last. Any suggestions I will appreciate! Thanks in advance. Ed
  3. Thank you for your feedback, I got the AK3 Gold from Crites, and wow! They sound way better! Compared with the A 4,500hz.
  4. That's so interesting. Thank you for sharing that information. At this point I'm just going to wait for the right k77m for me. I spoke with Michael Crites, he told me alnico tweeters could loose magnetism if dropped or just because age. So I'm having second thoughts on buying K77.
  5. That's so interesting, what I could understand there's no difference between each one, I wonder what advantage the K77M has over k77...
  6. Thank you! I was looking in eBay, found a few pairs, k77 and k77m but I think prices are too high right now.
  7. For what I read, and correct me if wrong. K77 round magnet is the older version and the K77M square magnet is the newer-ish version? My klipschorns are from 1990, not sure if I would hear any difference between the square or round K77? Also, what's a fair price for a pair of K77M tweeters? Seen a few on eBay but I feel their prices are too high.
  8. Hi there! I'm looking for a pair of K77M tweeters, I'm trying to get my speakers back to original. As it right now I have CT125 tweeters, I want to compare them with the original ones. Thank you in advance! Ed
  9. Yeah, they're composite. I will leave as is then. Thank you!
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