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  1. Right around the corner [emoji28] Sent from my CLT-L04 using Tapatalk
  2. Well I guess I don't need to be too concerned. I've read a lot of threads with everyone stating that they heard quite an improvement with new caps. Well I may just take my time then and listen a little longer before changing anything.
  3. Wow so I guess I don't necessarily have to do anything to them except listen.....well there is the green paint lol
  4. Do you still have the original caps in them? Isn't the green wonderful 👍 at least nothing else was touched. From what I can tell they are perfectly stock and unmolested except for the beautiful green
  5. LoL I wish I could, but she likes to listen to them as well so she asks too many questions. I set up a small listening room to get away from everyone, but they follow me in
  6. I would love too! That's why I only want to change out caps to see if any real difference. These are from 1985, so 36 years on these caps is a long time. Unfortunately my budget (the wife) will not appreciate me buying a set of Cornwall's yet lol. Going to refinish these as green is not my colour lol, I like wood to look like is was intended, like wood lol
  7. Thanks for the tips everyone. I have read up a little bit on JEM. I'm in Canada and with the shipping exchange etc.. it can get quite costly. When the border opens up I will be able to order and pick up in the US and save in shipping and brokerage fees. I ordered a set of high frequency drivers from parts express and by the time I got them the shipping and brokerage was 3 times the cost of a driver. I was hoping to source my Capacitors this side of the border until things open up again. I definitely want to order from JEM as my goal is to restore them to what PK would of intended them to sound like. Right now I would just like to by some quality caps and switch out the stock caps to see how much difference it makes. They sound really nice right now and I'm just going to save the originals just in case. I'm close to the border so as soon as it opens I'm going to be ordering a few parts. I just need to know what type to get.
  8. Hi All, I'm new to the forum and a new owner of really nice green painted pair of Heresy I. Not sure what happened there but colour doesn't affect the sound. I intend to refinish the cabs to try and make them look as original or something better than green. I want to replace Capacitors in the crossover network circuit. I think I know I need 2 UF and 33 UF values. Where it gets confusing for me is all the information out there is making it hard to choose the right type etc.. Can some tell me what type of capacitor ( composition metal film, oil in paper etc. ) and if they need to be polarized ? Pardon me if my questions seem stupid. I am new to this and I have done a fair bit of soldering so I'm not afraid do do the job, I just need to know what to buy so I can do the swap. I do not want to start the debate of which type is best etc.. I'm still sifting through threads to find info which seems endless lol. I just want to replace with a good quality cap that will maintain the integrity of sound that originally came with the speaker. If I could get a few suggestions on good quality brands and types to buy I would appreciate it. Also regarding the 2 UF cap, I've been looking and can't seem to locate that exact value, I've found 2.2 UF caps will these do or do I need to find the exact value? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks harley
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