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  1. Hello guys, this is my first post and I’m a newbie when it comes to home audio, so please go easy on me 😬. Let me just get straight to the point: I have 6 speakers: 2 RP280FA with the 2 atmos speakers built in and 2 RP500m I also have 2 subs: R112sw and a Polk 10sw All of this run with a Yamaha RX-V795 which is a 5.1 AVR. I don’t use the home theater settings, I play music and video with the effects off. In other words, I like for all of my speakers to produce the same sound (hope that is not a crime around these parts). I don’t intend to start using home theater settings. I like the way I’m using my speakers. Also, to simplify it the Yamaha has 4 connections for Main speakers. I connect 4 speakers with banana plugs and the other 2 with bare wire while sharing a connection. One Sub through the sub-out, and the other through rca on the pre-out, so I can have 2 subs on a 5.1 When played at certain loud volumes with powerful bass, I heard one of the tweeters from the Atmos speakers crackle a little bit. Not a permanent crackle, just at certain segments and at loud volumes. Through research 🧐 I came to the conclusion that I’m overloading my AVR and thus may be on the road to damaging the speakers, especially Atmos (RP140SA?) that crackles at times. Thus, I plunged myself into the world of seeking external power- an amp. My Yamaha is from the early 2000s so I don’t mind it’s age because it works great. Through my quest I came across the Sherbourn mentioned in the title. It was a beast in its time, and its price is pretty affordable (little less than $300 in some places). I love quality but don’t have the dough to afford more expensive and modern offerings of the same tier. I wanted to know if anyone has experience with the Sherbourn 12/900 on a Klipsch setup, especially the newer lines (Reference Premiere). I thinking of pairing it up with the Yamaha. Can anyone recommend something of the same tier, maybe from years past, that is also around that price range? Or a modern but also affordable solution? I will one day upgrade to a fancy Marantz, but today is not that day. Any suggestions, criticisms, and questions are welcome. Thanks 😁
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