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  1. Haha, thanks well if I have to shill I’d say try and find Phillips brand cos my daughter works for them! Otherwise I buy any small brewery Canuck brands, and there are a truckload of options. Buy a mixed dozen of any brand from British Columbia and you be well pleased.... FIRST IMPRESSIONS OF HERESY IV: a full rich uncluttered sound...I purchased based on various reviewers I trust. A friend of mine said something about a pair of HERESY I’s he once owned, he said they were “shouty” so that word has been in my head bothering my critique but alas he was wrong. Contrary as well to some reviews is the bass response. Mine are fabulous. My previous speakers (ELAC towers- don’t laugh) needed the volume pushed to get me the sound I craved from my music hall integrated. Not now. Of course I’m playing various genres of music both vinyl and CD - not a digital guy yet, my collection is too vast physically to need to - and I’m becoming more and more convinced that I made the right decision.it’s been less than 48 hours. I had a grille issue with one speaker (no rubber safety pucks affixed for shipping so the magnets dented the grill outwards in three corners....and no badge) but supplier is sending a new grille and will pay for the shipping to return damaged grille. In a nutshell, I will continue the lockdown hit parade (I am immune compromised due to Cancer treatment) and enjoy my *likely* forever Heresy’s....thanks for asking ❤️ From the centre of 🇨🇦
  2. Lol thanks... I’m an old Canuck hipster so no Molson for me, my pet Polar bear won’t let me have them....thanks for the unboxing and other tips...stay tuned.
  3. I will be getting my first pair of HERESY IV hopefully this week. I've seen a few videos on YouTube but thought I would ask the amassed fans here what their recommends may be on getting started? I know, run the cables and turn it up right? Seriously, anything I should know? Burn in time etc.? Music Hall a70.2 integrated will be sending the juice. Cheers from Canada!
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