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  1. Thanks - would love some Heresy's but I'm in a tiny railroad with an 8ft wide living room (at most), so smaller footprint may be the way to go. Think I'll pick u the RP-600M from Klipsch. Also looking to build/buy a vintage tube amp - been looking at the Transcendent Sound SOB OTL.
  2. Thank you both! Definitely going to take a look at Crutchfield, as you said, the full price from Klipsch is not bad at all either. Unfortunately, the Craigslist pair sold - but will continue to stalk for more!
  3. Hi, Looking to build my first hi-fi set-up and knew that Klipsch was the way to go. I live in a small NYC apartment so a bookshelf pair makes the most sense. I was looking to buy some RP-600M new, but thought I'd check here first to see if anyone is trying to offload. Any tips / recommendations are appreciated as well! Thanks!
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