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  1. Just in case anyone else encounters this, I finally heard back form Klipsch. They do not have any packing materials in inventory. Which means they can't send any, nor do they have the ability to get any... This is a shame, I'm totally willing to pay for these pieces. Welp...I'll just cross my fingers and hope my packing skillz can keep the speakers safe 🤞, I'm hoping to blast some Journey on moving day, not make a call to customer service for repairs...
  2. -eeesh... Sounds like they need some help, and are having scaling issues...shame too...
  3. Yea, a decent number of manufacturers will allow you to purchase said materials, they want their stuff to survive the move and help build brand loyalty (at a cost to the consumer of course), as these are the best way to package and ship. I'm ok with getting a 'no, we don't do that' answer...but a complete non-response is rather revealing. I have already purchased several large boxes and a TON of bubble wrap and foam strips...but ideally I was hoping Klipsch would be more responsive. Thanks to those who have responded already!
  4. Well...this is my last ditch effort to reach out to Klipsch. I have several speakers (2 x Heresy III, RC-35, RSW-10d, 2 x OMD-15). I'm going to be moving, so I reached out to CS over two weeks ago (twice via e-mail, multiple times over the phone all with 50+min wait times with no answer). One of my tickets was even mysteriously closed without notes from Klipsch... I would like to purchase boxes and packing materials so I can move my equipment without damage...but why has no-one at Klipsch answered the phone or e-mails?! Can anyone help or give advice on packing these beasts since Klipsch does not appear to be available... Thanks to anyone willing to help!
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