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  1. Thank you for all the replies. I bought a used crossover (looks new) on ebay for $30. Speakers sound great to my unrefined ear. I now have about $125 in them. I may sell them and upgrade to bigger and better Klipsch now that my metal friend Rodney has got me down this rabbit hole. I am attaching pics of the old crossover for the reply from EpicKlipschFan. I have no idea how a crossover could get broke like that. Thanks again folks
  2. broken as in the board is broken into 3 pieces. I'm not sure how that could happen
  3. New family member here. Just bought my second set of Klipsch speakers. The first ones I bought a pair of Chorus II for a buddy. I just bought a pair of KG 3.5 for myself as a starter set. The board in the attached picture is broken. Where do I go to buy a new one? Would it be cost prohibitive to buy a new part? so far, I have less than $100 in this pair.
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