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  1. Bummerooski because no way is the wife going to go for a rack or electronics on the floor. Ugg. Never thought running a 3.1 with CW's would be so challenging. Also, would hate to go stereo and have my wife still not picking up dialogue clearly. [dejectedly looks back at RP8000's]
  2. Anything you might recommend for a center channel that isn't a Heresy or something impossible to have conspicuous on/around media console?
  3. So you get a good enough of a phantom center in stereo with movies and TV? Do you keep it 2.0 (or 2.x) versus a 3.x because of the Mac quality and to keep the inferior AVR amp out of your front? Asking because my wife is notoriously challenged with understanding dialogue (ESL and partially deaf). We are somewhat done with "popcorn" entertainment, though not sure my youngest (7 y.o.) is ready for Citizen Kane or 12 Angry Men. Loved Sound of Metal and all its nuance and human messiness. So while I am not having any regrets about turning away from HT in this room, I really think I should track down a used Academy for center channel and 1 or 2 subs for movies. As far as powering such a system, my desire for something like a First Watt (e.g., F7 or F8) is dampened by this possible need to power a center and connect a sub. I guess I could pick up a cheapish AVR (maybe use two extra channels to bi-amp the CW's) or just go with a three-channel amp. If I'm able to score that Rose Hi-Fi streamer, it's preamp should be more than satisfactory. But maybe added a tube preamp would be worth the investment.
  4. Definitely food for thought. Be easier than trying to find an old heresy to fit up front.
  5. I understand and appreciate your position here. When our birds have flown and more possibilities open up in the house, I look forward to this possibility. Thanks for your input here (as well as your other posts in this forum that have educated me).
  6. Put that way, I do feel lucky. Thank you, sir.
  7. Thanks! Apart from some other, more technical considerations, this is what I was hoping to hear . . . [stares blankly, apprehensive of being told something he wanted to hear]
  8. Thank you for all the input and ideas. I just may go with a stereo movie setup in the end. Or I might forsake the CW's (😟) and get the RF8000 or RP 7 for left and right channels.
  9. Not sure the offer comes with a rain check, though, especially after we move in and she's looking to add new furniture and decor.
  10. Well said, sir. The family component is the most important part of the system for me, too.
  11. Greatly appreciate the advice even though a separate music room looks unlikely at this point. Is your 70% estimate in reference to the listening position or just in the room writ large? Would a double velvet (or something similar) curtain in the back bring that up to 80% in your estimation? Again, thanks.
  12. Hello and greetings from Phoenix, AZ! Would greatly appreciate ideas and advice for a new home build set to be completed later this year. Many early concessions to the wife has earned me a stereo/home theater budget in the great room. Please keep in mind the photo is from the model house. Our (future) great room will have similar 12' ceilings (and probably those beams). Also, the couch in the picture likely closely approximates where the main listening area will be. As much as a 5.1.4 or 5.2.2 (or some other similar iteration) would be appealing, the room will likely be a 50/50 movie/music situation and I am thinking of striking the hot iron with a 3.1 or 3.2 with these components: Cornwall IV’s Klipsch RP-504C center channel unknown subwoofer or two HiFi Rose RS150 network streamer Leak 130 amp Knowing the sensitivity of the CW’s and that quality > quantity with regard to power, I was considering a Primaluna Evo 200 or 300, but I think I will be staying away from tubes for the time being. I have looked at Leak, the Yamaha A-S1200, BasX 200/300, as well as some Cambridge/Monolith/Anthem amps. Amp suggestions would be greatly appreciated, but I guess the issue of center channel needs to raised first. Will the RP-504C work well with the CW’s? (I know many here will likely tell me to put a Heresy in the middle, but that won’t really work aesthetically with the wife (acceptance of the CW’s themselves was an act of grace). If this center channel would work well, should I go with a three-channel amp or a stereo amp with another amp to power center and subs? I would like to eventually add some surrounds (see green boxes added to walls in photo). Given the window restrictions on the left, was hoping for in-wall surrounds that allow the drivers to be angled down toward the listening position. From my understanding, this would be better than having ceiling surrounds and ceiling atmos speakers. If and when I go to a 5.x.x, I would look for something like a Denon AVR-X3600H to power the surrounds and use the pre-outs for stereo amps. After much sweating over acoustics, I am taking a more laid back approach and hopeful that the front ports on the CW’s (along with a rug) will largely address any issues. (I want great sound but am not chasing the hi-fi dragon here, so to speak.) Absorbing first reflection on right side of the wall will be easy enough but I worry about limitations of left wall. The wife is okay with a track system for some doubled-up velvet curtains that could run along this wall (and maybe for the back of the room—see red lines in photo). If that works, I could build a sound absorber that could cover the window (not the sliding glass door) when the curtains are deployed. Thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Would a bit of ceiling absorption be advised to make the kitchen and nook area more pleasant? I was initially going to add a 70V system throughout for background music but am likely moving away from this and just letting the CW's and some Bluetooth speakers fill out the house. With all the capabilities of the Rose streamer, though, I might soon find myself up the attic with speaker wires in tow. With regard to the Rose, I am kind of locked in on this quite expensive component because I know it will be a delight to my wife and kids and provide some killer functionality, all the while tickling my hi-fi sensibilities. Sorry for the long explanation and thanks for making it this far! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Mayo
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