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  1. More excellent replies! A special thanks to @AndreG - that Crites Speakers website has everything, exactly what I need! Regarding the external finish: I dug out the original paperwork and attached PDFs of two scanned pages. If I read the papers right, both @willand and @Bacek are correct - the finish is definitely Oak Lacquer and linseed oil is definitely a Bad Idea. But....although the finish still has some gloss it also looks and feels a bit "dry". Googling for tips on caring for fine lacquered wood finishes, all of the advice is negative: don't use any products containing ammonia, bleach, alcohols or anything acidic. (as if I ever would....) heresy010001.pdf heresy020001.pdf
  2. Well, a big "Thank You!" to everyone - I didn't expect so many replies so quickly. - I'm fairly handy at soldering so replacing those caps with new ones is a priority. I don't *see* any other components like Zener diodes, etc. but I've not yet disassembled anything except the back panel. - Sealing cabinet joints, cutting a gasket for back panel, etc. makes perfect sense and I can easily handle that too. Boiled linseed oil for the exterior - check. - I'll definitely check the sealing rings too. If replacements cannot be bought, I have some ideas to try. Someone asked for a pic of the drivers - see attached. Thanks again, and I'll post my results! Connecticut Yankee
  3. I'm very interested in hearing any and all recommendations to bring my 40 year old treasures back to their full glory. Original owner of a gently-used pair of 1981 Heresy speakers in red oak, with risers. (Type HOL, s/n's 118W429 & -30) They haven't been used in over a decade but now it is coming time again. (Apt Holman amp and preamp out for their own refresh.) The cabinets (oiled finish, I think??) need some light refreshing but there are no major nicks or scratches - mostly just age drying. Recommendations for this? The internals: K-22-R woofer, K-55-V squawker and K-77-M tweeter with Type E crossover. The two large capacitors on the crossover are the metal can type and I see no signs of corrosion, leakage, swelling, etc. anywhere. Which pieces, if any, should be replaced or upgraded? I do not have test gear for detailed response testing, nor do I have a "golden ear". But I do like these speakers. Connecticut Yankee
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