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  1. Hello all, I have a pair of TN1220 subs with 250 amps I purchased in 1999 that have little use just sitting on a shelf not being used. Maybe someone here would be interested in them. I also have a Academy center channel in black s/n 111393891. Also a pair of Heresy's in walnut s/n 169y188, 169y189. If interested contact me. Located in Hayesville,NC Thanks,Jeff
  2. Hello, several questions to ponder. I have a pair of Belles and thinking about adding a center channel. I have a academy and a pair of heresy's, which would be best? Also have the choice between a HK avr325 or Yamaha m45, c45, t720 amp preamp tuner. I'm leaning towards the Yamaha setup. I don't have the room for a full blown surround setup, just looking to enhance the pair of Belles. Help with some experienced advice please. Thanks.
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