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  1. I run them at 50 to 60% volume and use a separate Outlaw power amp to run my fronts and center speakers. The amp is 200 watts per channels. My old definitive technology sm55s were no problem at the same volume but those are considered somewhat neutral sounding speakers. I have heard quite a few people say the 600m is considered a bright speaker. I have sensitive ears right now since I have a slight ringing/buzzing in them so it makes the highs on the rp-600m probably sound more bright or piercing then they would to someone else. Yes I was thinking maybe Mills resistors but hear lots of good things on Vishay resistors as well. Also do you have any idea what a small bypass cap does placed parallel with the regular Cap? If I was reading it right it adds a little more detail and possibly a slight extra warmth or brightness etc depending on the ones you choose.
  2. Hi, Has anyone upgraded their caps and resistors on the Klipsch RP- 600m? If so which caps and resistors did you go with? I want to tame the piercing highs on the rp600m. I can either get Kimber Kable 8tc speaker cables which are neutral sounding and help with the highs a little bit or just upgrade to some neutral sounding caps(which would help out the brightness even further). I know the Jupiter copper foil paper and wax caps and Jantzen Amber Z-cap are neutral sounding. Both caps will be an upgrade over the stock cap while adding some more detail, lower noise floor aka blacker background and I believe better midrange. The resistor I need to do a little more research on but have it narrowed down to a few brands. If anyone has used these caps on other Klipsch speakers I would like to hear your opinions on them. I will also be upgrading the internal wiring and speaker binding post at the same time.
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