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  1. Dear Friends and Experienced Klipsch users; I am from Istanbul Turkey, new on this forum and need your comments very much. ı am not a professional but a music lover. Also i have a Pioneer RX2 DJ setup and recording some amateur DJ sets. I have a quite big range in music taste like house- electro house-deep house music, rock music (Tool, Alice in Chains, Deep Purple) and ethnic musics which mostly includes african rythmes. So it means both bass and mids are needed. and i also have a plan to use these speakers while watching a movie. Right now i have two options here to buy. 1) Used 2 pieces RF-35 and a Harman Kardon HK-970 amplifier for 900usd. 2) brand new RP-6000F or R-820F for 730usd and a new amplifier. ıt will be like 1100 usd i guess my question is would you prefer to buy RP-6000F or R-820F, instead of 15 years old RF-35? as i know RF-35 is mde in usa and these new ones are from china. but still it is 15 years old and technologjy is changed a lot. can you please share your comments? thanks in advance.
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