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  1. I've hooked up a few components to my amazon fire stick tv's "equipment manager", which is their system for using their remote to control all of your gear (via IR). My Harman Kardon AVR works perfectly with it, for example. I turn the volume up and down on the first stick remote and keep the HK remote in the drawer. Fire stick seems to work with basically every device that can accept a universal IR remote but it doesn't seem to be working with The Fives. Anyone have experience with this?
  2. So I spoke with someone at Klipsch customer support today and they told me there are no current plans to add EQ for Fives to the Connect app firmware. I’m really hoping they are mistaken but I tried to press them on it and they said that’s simply not in the immediate pipeline at this time. Disappointing.
  3. I'm in the market for some La Scalas for my living room stereo system / television setup. I listen to a lot of music in there and I'm real excited about the La Scalas on that front. However, we also use the living room speakers as our TV mains. We aren't big movie people so it's mostly good old Netflix and HBO shows. I'd like to add a center channel to the setup, mostly because I really appreciate having a "dedicated" dialogue channel when watching TV. It seems like the suggestions here would mostly be to buy a third La Scala or buy a Heresy to fill in that center channel. My issue is that we really don't have room for a full floor standing speaker like that as we have a nice TV stand setup. What makes the MOST sense for us is to have the La Scalas a mains and to add some sort of traditional center bar like the R-34C. Just how much of a disaster will that be? I know the reference line and the heritage stuff don't "match" but am I better off with NO center channel or with a center channel that sounds a little brighter than the mains? Any other options or ideas? The wife really doesn't want to adjust our TV stand setup so getting rid of the TV stand to add a Heresy isn't really an option.
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