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  1. Thank you so much for your input. Hopefully get a chance to audition these speakers, will update the forum. In the meantime pls feel free to comment, advice
  2. I am also very strongly leaning towards floor standers. Hopefully can do a demo on the speakers and make my decision soon. Can I please ask as was also looking at other names like the Elacs debut 2.0 f 6.2 and Svs prime towers. What would you recommend
  3. I was at one point thinking of getting bookshelves and add a sub, changed my mind again after reading views that a floor standing sound is better fuller. Please correct me if I am wrong
  4. So to recap the 5000 would do good for my room size ? Sorry to confuse you then what about the 6000 which would give me a better bass response and overall a better BIGGER speaker ?
  5. As much as I loved reading about the 8000 am still skeptical about the size overpowering my small room
  6. Thanks Billy for replying. I did do a brief audition of the 8000 and 5000. The store did not have the 6000. Honestly I preferred the 5000, having said that the AV receiver were different, this was not a listening room and the staff were more interested in offering me discounts. Will be trying another store this week
  7. Hi everyone, My first post in this forum, I am not an audiophile hence needed help in cchoosing.My current setup I have been using definitive technology bp6 with a Yamaha rxv-2095 for the last 15+ years, the speakers have starting to sound bright and I need to change them badly. Have been reading reviews of the Rp-6000f when I was told to instead get the 8000F diff of about $200 Canadian. My room size is about 12x14ft so not too big. I love to listen to music loud. Please advice
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