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  1. Thanks again everyone for the comments. I went to look at the R28F's tonight and didn't get them. The cabinets were all scratched up and speaker grills had some holes in them. Otherwise I think I would have loved them. Anyway, thanks for the input. Back to square one again!
  2. Thanks for the offer. those look nice, but unfortunately out of my budget range.
  3. Thanks for your comment. Are RF-3's a better speaker than the R-28F's? I thought they were older and not as good. It is so hard to tell which models are better than others. I actually see a set of RF-3's with a RC-3 and two RS-3's someone is asking $400 for.
  4. I have been watching the price drop on a couple of craigslist deals in my area that are really tempting me. I am thinking about upgrading my current 20 year old setup: Center: Sony SS-CN495H L/R Towers: Sony SS-MF550H Surrounds: Sonly SS-MB100H To this: Center: Klipsch R-25C L/R Towers: Klipsch R-28F Surrounds: Klipsch R-15m For about $350. I have a Klipsch Sub 12 that I would keep. I know all of these are the entry level speakers for their time, but I am just looking to boost my system on a tight budget. I use my system primarily for movies and video games with some music. My room is 14x14 with 8 foot ceilings. I would love to get any input on this idea. Good deal? Better sound? Would you recommend something else in this budget range? Thanks.
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