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  1. Middletown, it's about 15-20 mins outside of Hartford. Feel free to email me at durkinj56@gmail.com. Thanks!
  2. If you're interested, the 5k for the pair of K-Horns and the 5k for the pair of La Scalas still stands. If someone in the tri-state area of New England wants to buy them they can pick them up locally, but when it comes to shipping them further away we can work something out. Not sure how these would be shipped though?
  3. Yeah I have went back and fourth on this for month's on whether I should part ways with them and sell. That's why I chose this forum first, I've followed updates on here from afar for a while. Great opportunity for someone who wants them.
  4. Thanks! Yes it is, never truly appreciated the setup until I got older. I have my own pair Heresy II's Oak finish that I bought a few years back, which I will be holding onto.
  5. Thanks! Yeah it's tough to part ways with both pairs, but I have no room in my new condo to put them. The new blu-ray Apollo 11 (especially the launch) and the Top Gun intro on Blu Ray sound the best on both pairs. It was part of a 7 channel system my dad had the Khorns as the two front channel. The LaScala's were used for the left and right mid-channel.
  6. I added some pictures of both the Khorns and La Scala's. It's my first post on this forum, so bear with me. Feel free to email me or comment if you have any other questions. Thanks!
  7. Hello everyone, For those who are interested, I am unfortunately parting ways with my Dad's speakers because of their size I cannot move them with me into my new condo. Starting with the first pair which are the Klipschorns my dad purchased them from the original owner in 1984 and were made in 1977 based on the serial numbers. The Serial Number stickers are on both pairs of Klipschorns as well. The only replacement parts on the Klipschorns are a pair of Bob Crites Crossover's which I installed them back in 2016 other than that they are in original condition and in excellent working order. The second pair which are the La Scala's my dad purchased back in the early 2000's again same as the Klipschorns my dad purchased them from their original owners. Both pairs of La Scala's are in original condition and in excellent working order. The Serial Number stickers are on both pairs of La Scala's as well. I will list the info, serial numbers etc below as well as contact info for those who are interested. I am asking $5,000 for the Khorn pair & $5,000 for the LaScala pair or best offer. I currently live in CT, but for anyone interested in the tri-state area or on the east coast this is your chance. If anyone outside of the northeast area is interested, I will work with you regarding shipping. I know these loud speakers aren't for sale that often, and both pair's would be an excellent edition to your home theater setup so that you can enjoy them as much as my dad and our family have enjoyed them over the years. Thanks, Jeff P.S. Feel free to contact me via email for more info, or pictures at durkinj56@gmail.com Klipschorn: Type: KBWO Serial: 10R518, 10R519 La Scala: Type: LS-BL Serial: 8511790, 8511791
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