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  1. Sorry that it took me so long to get back to this. Somehow my browser would not let me on the site. Anyways, thank you for your input. I’ve been very happy with my system the way it is now. Added a tube headphone amp and a pair of Beyerdynamics T1.2. sadly, now I got the itch for a tube amp lol
  2. All wires are run and both subs are now running in stereo. Had to crank the gain up quite a bit but it sure sounds great. I used Armin Van Buren - This is a test to straighten it out and I’m super happy with the outcome. Thanks to this community for helping me out with advice. It’s much appreciated.
  3. I got the matching one wired in via LFE and it sounds absolutely fantastic! I want to try hooking them up in stere before I run all my cables permanently. But, so far, this is absolutely amazing.
  4. Thats ok. I found a matching sw-110. just not sure about the price yet. It’s 275cad including shipping
  5. That’s pretty much what my original plan was
  6. I’ll see what our local store has and check the prices. Thank you
  7. Ok, yes, I get that. Thanks
  8. But I have Quartets. Never having listened to La Scalas, I can’t compare
  9. Yes, that’s how I got mine right now, over LFE. I never really used subs at home so it was the question wether 1 bigger one via LFE sounds better than two smaller ones in stereo. Just wanting opinions on that to see what direction i want to go. Trying to see pros and cons of each. Plus money is a bit tight at the moment.
  10. But isn’t that what you do with two subs?
  11. I get that. My set up works quite well tho. Just want to put a bit more oomph behind did. for when I get into some ebm. It likes that 😉
  12. If I can’t find a matching one to the one I got, then I’ll do that. Found one online for 300 including shipping. And that’s Canadian $
  13. Yes, well the add-on itch maybe. Just trying to figure it out what would make it just that little bit better. id say I hardly ever use 100. Don’t think I ever have, tbh
  14. No I didn’t. I also thought my two little bookshelves sounded quite good.
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